Plants can bring a dull space alive and make it more appealing. There are many reasons you might choose a particular houseplant for your decor. You might like its shape or just its size. But, there’s no doubt that certain plants will accentuate the look of your place even more. Have you wondered what plants will go with your decor style? We have compiled a handy guide to picking the best plants and pots according to your decor.

  1. Bohemian Style

Bohemian style is essentially free-spirited, earthy and very personal. There are no rules here. Bright colours, warm textures and natural material are the hallmarks of bohemian style. 

  •  Almost any plant will go with a bohemian style home, try to aim for house plants of different sizes, colours and patterns. 
  • There’s nothing more bohemian than growing your own food. Have plants around that have edible flowers. You can grow herbs and leafy greens in containers and tin cans. 
  • Have clusters of plants at different levels- on shelves, in hanging baskets and on the window sill and the floor. You can also go for wall planters for added texture. 
  • Succulents, ferns, pothos, yucca, philanderon, monstera and snake plants are all excellent choices for bohemian-style decor. 
  • Use macabre pot holders or something braided for hanging plants.  
  • Apply your creativity to decorate your boho-themed home to bring out the free spirit in you. Above all, keep it relaxed and vibrant, it should do the trick. 
  1. Indian Traditional

Indian traditional decor is an amalgamation of different cultures. It is derived from different regional influences and what remains at the centre of it are handicrafts, wooden accessories and furniture with delicate carvings and colours. What’s best is that the style incorporates a blend of warmth, comfort and beauty. 

  • No Indian home decor is complete without at least one plant in the room. This can be anywhere, a tall plant standing against the wall or a small one at the centre of everything. You can even keep cute little plants like succulents or creepers beside your ornamental pieces or lamps. 
  • Money plants and bamboo plants make for a great set-up in traditional Indian households. You can place them beside a religious idol like a Buddha statue. You can even add items made of brass to add more splendor. 
  • One can also use plants native to India to brighten up the room and give it an ethereal and spiritual touch. Tusi plants or lotus plants will not only look great but add positivity to your space. 
  • Use brass planters for a traditional touch. If not that, you can go for colourful pots that make a bold statement. Suspended plants also work well with the Indian decor.
  1. Contemporary

Sophistication is key in contemporary homes. They use neutral colour palettes along with black and white. It combines elements of everything that’s prevalent in current times 

  • Make adequate space for a potted plant so it can make a statement. Avoid filling the space with excessive items. 
  • Use a large plant to act as a centrepiece. Place it against an empty corner or the sofa side. Your place will look much more spacious this way.
  • A tall ornamental plant with striking large leaves like Bird of Paradise, Areca Palm or Umbrella Papyrus is ideal for a contemporary home. Use simple containers.
  1. Minimalism

With its philosophy which says “less is more,” minimalism aims for doing away with distractions. Minimalist homes are simple, they have less clutter and more space. The numbered objects are functional and there’s no room for anything unnecessary.

  • Make sure that all plants look cohesive together before placing them around the room. You can use plants of the same type but of different sizes which will add depth and stick to the minimal look. 
  • Use a big plant to make a statement. The fiddle fig tree and ficus are great options. These are great alternatives in place of heavy furniture which takes up space.
  • Beautify your space with small plants. Keep them in a glass terrarium or suspend them for a delicate look. Placing them on shelves creates texture too.
  • Create an artistic green wall which won’t take up space but still add beauty. You can even grow herbs to make them more functional.
  • The planters should be of a neat and simple design keeping with the theme. 
  1. Colonial

British colonial style had a mixture of various international elements. It has a relaxing and breezy vibe with dark furnishings, tall ceilings and swooning arches.

  • Plants in the tropical areas were seen as exotic and the colonisers were exuberant to bring the outdoor greenery indoors. You can place plants everywhere in a British colonial home. Several pots look great against a carpet and side table. 
  • Consider going for lush and dark green plants which will go well against the brown interiors. Tall tropical plants like palm and ferns will make a dramatic statement to your indoors. 
  • Go for a woven basket to place your potted plants in for the old colonial charm.

These are the great and tasteful ways in which you can bring your home alive with plants. Above everything, remember to have fun with it!