Orchids or Orchidaceae are some of the most exquisite and mesmerizing plants out there. With their beautiful and colourful flowers, these plants are worth the effort they take to grow. They are one of the most diverse plants, with over 28,000 species.  Most orchids that are cultivated as houseplants are tropical. They are very adaptable to the environment they grow in. 

Orchids grow naturally in humid tropical forests and semi-desert areas. They are discovered on every continent except Antarctica. In the wild, they grow on barks of trees or plant surfaces. They have thick, white roots which have the ability to absorb moisture and nutrients. Due to being used to growing high in trees, they need a lot of light and good air circulation. 

Orchids symbolize pure love, beauty, and fertility. They are linked to a number of positive benefits according to Feng Shui. This also makes them great for gifting. There are six stages in an orchid’s life, from seed production to reproduction. They can live up to 20 to 22 years with the right care. Orchids are quite fussy and difficult to maintain. But, when they bloom after you’ve almost given up, it is very rewarding. Here’s a guide to growing and taking care of orchids.

Orchid Care Guide

How Much Sunlight Do Orchids Need?

Orchids thrive in indirect sunlight. Too much sunlight can actually cause sunburn. Give them 12-16 hours of bright indirect sunlight in a day. Orchids should ideally have placement on an east or west-facing window where sunlight is not harsh. 

How to Water Orchids?

Orchids should be watered only sparingly, Overwatering is a common problem with them. Water twice a week during summers and once a week when the weather turns cold. Water only during the morning. 

Are Orchids an Indoor Plant?

Yes, Orchids are perfect for indoors. They don’t need much light to survive. 

Which Orchids are Most Fragrant?

The Cattleya Genus offers the most fragrant orchids. Brassavola nodosa, Dendrobium kingianum, Oncidium, Phalanopsis bellina, and Phalaenopsis violacea are also notable mentions. 

How Often Should You Fertilise Orchids?

Orchids need fertilizing regularly to thrive. They should fertilize at least once a month. It’s better, however, to apply a water-soluble 20-20-20 fertilizer once a week.

How Often Do Orchids Bloom?

Most orchids bloom once a year, while some bloom twice or more. Once they bloom, flowers stay for a few weeks or months depending on the variety.

Do Orchids Grow in India?

All types of orchids can easily grow in India as it has diverse environmental conditions.

Common Issues With Orchids

Why are my Orchid leaves turning yellow?

Orchid leaves turning yellow are a sign of overwatering. To stop root rotting, water less frequently with a fixed schedule. It could also be suffering from overexposure to sunlight if leaves are slumping and yellowing.

Why are my Orchid Leaves wrinkling?

Orchid leaves may wrinkle due to the plant tissue not getting enough water. This could be due to underwatering or even overwatering which causes root loss.