There are umpteen benefits of having green plants in your home. Not only do they add beauty to your house and cleanse the air, but they can also channel positive energy and bring you health and prosperity. Specific plants kept indoors are known to eliminate negative energies and create a positive flow of abundance and good luck. We have listed below the 5 most Beautiful Feng Shui or Vastu Plants that you should place in your home. All of these plants have air-purifying properties and will invite harmony along with positive vibes to your home.

1. Vastu Plants: Money plant

Money plant is a very popular vastu plant in the Indian subcontinent which is said to bring prosperity and good luck to those residing in the house. It is also known by other names like devil’s vine and silver vine. It attracts positive energy and wards off the evil eye. This easy-to-maintain plant also brings success to the family in their personal and professional lives. 

Place a money plant in the southwest area of your home to attain its benefits to the maximum.

Money plant in a green bottle besides the window- Vastu Plants
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2. Vastu Plants: Snake plant 

The snake plant or Sansevieria is a very common houseplant. It is popular for bringing good luck and serves as a protector as per Feng Shui. You can place it by a large window or the front door. It also brings focused energy which is why it is excellent to be positioned in an office.

snake plant in white and red pots
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3. Vastu Plants: Holy basil or Tulsi plant Is A Sacred Plant According To Feng Shui

Vastu says that the Holy Basil or Tulsi plant is a very auspicious, powerful, and sacred plant.  It has a very spiritual essence and possesses many medicinal properties too. It brings positive energy to the house and protects the family from negative energies. The leaves of the Tulsi plant remove toxins from the blood and purify the system. You can keep it in the east or northeast corner of the home for positive results.

Tulsi in a decorated terracota pot
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4. Feng Shui Plants: Lucky bamboo Is A Good Luck Feng Shui Plant

A plant native to Southeast Asia, lucky bamboo has association with good luck and health by both Feng Shui and Vastu. It is widely popular to bring harmony between the five Feng shui elements- earth, wood, metal, water, and fire for greater positivity. It’s a symbol of innocence and peace. One can place bamboo plants anywhere in the house. You can place it in the east for good mental and physical health or the southeast for financial prosperity.

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buddha statue with lucky bamboo- Vastu Plants
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5. Feng Shui Plants: Rubber Plant

One of the most popular plants in Vastu, the rubber plant is popular for attracting wealth and fortune. Its round leaves resemble coins and the plant brings abundance to the house and commercial success and positivity for everyone. It can also bring calm energy when placed in the southeast and prosperity when placed in the east corner of the home.

rubber plant in a basket- Vastu Plants
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All these plants can improve the quality of your life. They provide mental well-being, harmonious relationships, and happiness to everyone in your family when kept in the house. They also make for excellent gifts you can give to someone to transfer your good intentions. 

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There are also many plants that should not be inside the house according to Vastu and Feng Shui. But above all, remember to take care of them as they are your responsibility. Keeping dead or dying plants can affect the energy of the house negatively.