Our Story

Imagine a world where plastic had destroyed the oceans, greenhouse gases had reigned, and all the flora had dried up. We, at Gardenchee, do not want this imagination to come true!

Gardenchee pledges to talk about sustainable methods of gardening, and growing and taking care of plants at home. The ‘chee’ in Gardenchee means ‘Giving Life’ and we will also talk about how you can give it back to the environment. We believe that every family should be capable enough to grow their own food through sustainable methods, bring down their share of pollution and we are here to help you with that.

Vasudha Shukla (Founder), is a gardening enthusiast and has been learning since her childhood under the guidance of her family members who themselves are farmers and gardeners.

We hope to see all of us grow beautiful gardens in our homes. Sending chee to your garden!