If you are on the lookout for adding an air-purifying plant that is both pleasing to the eyes and easy to maintain, Syngonium is your type. Owing to the shape of its leaves, the American-origin plant is commonly called the Arrowhead Vine and Goosefoot. The plant is also of great significance in Feng Shui. The corners of its leaves symbolize the five elements of wood, fire, earth, metal, and water, which help perfectly balance the Yin and Yang energies. Arrowhead Vines also enhance positivity and are believed to bring abundance and prosperity to its growers.

Although these plants are native to the tropical areas of America, Syngoniums are widely available in many other parts of the world in various types. The most common varieties are as follows:

1. Syngonium Pink

It is native to the tropical forests of the West Indies, Mexico, and Brazil. This variant is a visually-appealing indoor plant due to its beautiful pink-coloured leaves. Moreover, it propagates easily through leaves and roots so you don’t have to buy it multiple times.

Syngonium Pink
Image Source: Canva

2. Syngonium Rayii

This rare indoor plant has two forms: Syngonium Rayii Green and Syngonium Rayii Dark. It has unique leaves and a velvet-like texture. The plant requires ample indirect light and humidity to grow well. Avoid too much sun and overwatering for best results though.

Syngonium Rayii
Image Source: Canva

3. Syngonium Pink Allusion

This exquisite variety grows easily and is the best choice for places that don’t get direct sunlight. It is very flexible in placement and needs less watering. It would look beautiful in the foyer, adding a tinge of elegance to it.

Syngonium Pink Allusion
Image Source: Canva

4. Syngonium Batik

This variety is named after the dyed cloth print ‘Batik’ owing to its patterned leaves. It’s a climber that can grow up or trail down, giving a distinct look to your work desk or terrace garden.

Syngonium Batik
Image Source: Canva

5. Syngonium Aurea

This variant is truly a show stopper owing to its various shades of yellow, giving your space a beautiful, welcome change. It can grow up to 5 meters when placed adjacent to a wall or another bigger plant.

Syngonium Aurea
Image Source: Canva

6. Syngonium Podophyllum

It is more popularly known as Syngonium and is one of the most commonly cultivated plants. It is a climber and often grows on tree trunks in the forests. It is one of the rare varieties that can be directly grown on water.

Syngonium Podophyllum
Image Source: Canva

7. Syngonium Pixie

Just like the Syngonium Rayii, this is another tiny plant best suited for work or side tables due to its tiny size. It’s a great air purifier, and hence makes a good choice for living rooms and bedrooms.

Syngonium Pixie
Image Source: Canva

8. Syngonium Albo

This is a gorgeous yet rare variety that is attractive, easy to grow, and hence an excellent houseplant. It is found in the tropical and sub-tropical regions of Central and South America. Reputed to be a fast climber, it is extremely popular among growers.

Syngonium Albo
Image Source: Canva

9. Syngonium Maria

This variant is an attractive plant with heavily shaded, light green leaves infused with a pinkish hue like that of copper. It is an auspicious Feng Shui plant and hence makes an excellent gifting option.

10. Syngonium Mojito

This is one of the in-demand plants as it grows very fast and is easy to propagate. It needs frequent repotting as it outgrows the pots pretty soon. It is extremely easy to maintain as it neither needs fertilizers nor daily watering.

11. Syngonium Three Kings

Although it is a slow-growing climber, its splendid dark olive and lime variegation makes watching it grow a pleasant and satisfying experience. Syngonium 3 Kings needs average sunlight, and regular watering and should be 6 feet away from the window.

12. Syngonium Green Splash

Also known as Gray Ghost, this is an evergreen climber native to America’s tropical areas. It is a tender plant that has green leaves marbled with darker green spots, making it a contrasting but interesting addition to your green garden.

13. Syngonium Panda

Another rare kind of Syngonium, each of its leaves has its own variations. This is one of the easiest plants to take care of and is a fast, bushy grower. When provided with support to climb, it grows much larger than usual.

14. Syngonium Erythrophyllum

This exotic plant is the best choice if you are looking to add a dash of colour to your green garden. It has waxy leaves with a dark red or maroon underside. Keep this plant away from pets and children as some of its parts are toxic and irritate the skin.

Pro tips to grow Syngonium

  1. Arrowhead Vines are poisonous and can cause excruciating mouth pain if ingested. Their sap can damage the eye and cause burning sensations if exposed to naked skin. Therefore, it calls for utmost precaution and care, especially if you have pets and children.
  2. Some variants of these plants are well-behaved indoor plants when trimmed regularly. But others, true to the name Arrowhead Vine, love to spread out in all directions. So choose variants according to where you wish to place them within your home garden.

With a host of varieties to choose from, Syngoniums are undoubtedly the best options when choosing new plants for your garden. Like any other plant, growing these air-purifying plants not only improves the air quality. The compact size, lush dense foliage, and wide array of colours present in the leaves make it a trendy and attractive choice for your home garden.