Plants do not just serve as an ornamental addition to your decor, they can serve many other purposes. One of them may be their ability to soothe your senses through their aroma. You won’t need air fresheners anymore and they will add a sensory experience to your garden. Here are the Most Fragrant flowers that you could consider adopting.


These sweet-smelling white flowers occupy a tiny amount of space. They grow up to 2 feet tall and 4 feet wide. Gardenia loves bright light and moist, well-drained soil which is acidic.

Fragrant Flowers- Gardenia
Image Source: Canva

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Rosemary Plant

An evergreen shrub, rosemary is a graceful plant with flowers that have hues of deep blue. Its leaves can also serve as a flavour to your food. A member of the mint family, the plant extracts are often used in aromatherapy and perfumes that calm the nerves. Rosemary prefers bright sunlight and well-drained soil.

Fragrant flowers- rosemary
Image Source: Canva

Night Scented Jasmine or Raat ki Rani 

Raat ki rani has a strong scent that is released during the night. The plant is aesthetically very appealing and also alleviates stress and uplifts the mood. It grows rapidly and becomes bushy fast. Raat ki rani prefers full sun and well-drained soil.

Fragrant flowers- Night Scented Jasmine
Image Source: Canva

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Fragrant Flowers- Jasmine

Jasmine is the most fragrant plant you can grow in your backyard. It is native to India and can be grown all over the country. The most popular species of Jasmine are Bela, Mogara, and Chameli. They are used to make herbal tea, oil, soap, and perfumes. They need big size pots to grow in and require pinching and purring done at an early stage to thrive.

Fragrant flowers- jasmine
Image Source: Canva

Tuberose or Rajnigandha 

Rajnigandha can easily be named the queen of aromatic plants. It is easy to grow and blossoms with white flowers in warm climates. Tuberose needs normal watering and fertilizing and may easily be planted in a medium-sized pot. It is mostly present in products like creams, soaps, and perfumes. 

Fragrant flowers- Tuberose or rajnigandha
Image Source: Canva

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Fragrant Flowers- Silver Drop Eucalyptus

This attractive-looking plant has lovely fragrant leaves. Its small and beautiful silver blue-green leaves can be a great addition to your indoor decor.  It requires bright sun and consistent watering.

Fragrant flowers- Silver Drop Eucalyptus
Image Source: Canva

Lemon Balm

This lemon-scented herb is of the mint family. You will need to lightly rub the leaves so it releases its sweet lemon fragrance. You can even pick individual leaves to use in brewing tea and making dessert. Bright light yields a shorter stem while lower light yields a long stem.

Fragrant flowers- Lemon balm
Image Source: Canva

Fragrant Flowers- Lavender

Lavender is a stunning-looking plant and has a strong scent. Place it near a South facing window with bright sunlight. You can water it once or twice a week when the soil feels dry. Keep them outside in the summers for the best bloom.

fragrant flowers- lavender
Image Source: Canva

Fragrant Flowers- Spearmint

You can smell spearmint’s aromatic leaves when the sun is out. It is quite easy to grow and you don’t have to worry about pests plaguing it. You can harvest its leaves for brewing tea or to make dessert. It’s better to grow this plant near a window receiving the bright sun.

Fragrant flowers- spearmint
Image Source: Canva

Lily of the Valley

This exotic-looking flowering plant has a sweet and pleasant scent. It has bell-shaped white flowers which are gorgeous to look at. This flower usually only blooms one flower but it’s enough to scent your entire house. It is easy to grow and requires part shade and regular watering.

Fragrant Flowers- lily of the valley
Image Source: Canva

So, set the mood right in your home after a stressful day at work by adopting one of these plants. You can never go wrong with any one of them.