Spider plants are a beautiful addition to your garden. This fast-growing plant is an excellent air purifier that adds a hint of elegance, wherever it is placed. So if you are looking to propagate Spider plant easily, you are at the right place. Due to its ease of propagation, the Spider plant is one of the most in-demand and popular choices for plant lovers. It grows thin, long, runners, known as stolons, which produce baby plants called the ‘Spiderettes’. These Spiderettes, when detached from the mother plant, grow roots and are capable of growing into individual plants.

In this article, we shall discuss how to propagate the Spider plant in three ways:

  • By placing plant cuttings in water
  • By placing the cuttings directly in the soil
  • By letting the plant cuttings grow root in the soil whilst being attached to the mother plant

How to propagate Spider plant in water?

Spider plants are one of the few plants that can be grown without soil. You can grow them in water very easily, but only for a short period. Simply detach the Spiderettes from the main plant and place it in a jar of water for one-two week. Pretty quickly you will see tiny roots growing into the water. Once the roots are 1” – 2” long, you can transfer them to a separate pot filled with moist, well-draining soil. These roots are weak and hence take time to get adjusted when transferred to the soil. For best results, place them in a room with indirect bright light, moderate temperature, and humidity. Did you know you can also propagate Monstera plant at home?

It is better to use a tall vase to place the Spiderette as it’ll help it stay upright. Always take care that the jar isn’t too big for the plant, else it may either rot or drown in water. The water level should be just sufficient to cover the roots. Ensure you remove any foliage that is submerged under the water because they are likely to rot.

How to propagate Spider plants in soil?

The Spider plant is a ‘buy once, enjoy forever’ type of plant. They are very easy to propagate with or without soil. The two ways to propagate Spider plants in soil are: 

1. Separated from the mother plant

Detach the Spiderettes from the mother plant and transplant them separately in a pot of moist soil. Ta-da! Your new plant is ready! Although simple, this method is time-consuming as the roots take a long time to grow. This method is a sure-shot way to have stronger roots. Spider plant caring is a super easy once it grows from the spiderettes.

2. Attached to the mother plant

Do not detach the Spiderettes from the mother plant. Instead, let them grow roots in the same pot, beside the mother plant. The roots just need to touch the soil to help the baby plant grow into a separate plant. Once you see growth in the Spiderettes, cut the stolons and then plant them in a new pot. Voila! Your self-grown, brand-new plant is ready!

Now that you know the three super easy ways to propagate the Spider plant, you may have learnt the fact that if you buy this plant once, you will never have to buy it again.

FAQs (Frequently asked questions) about the Spider plant

Can I propagate Spider plant from the leaf?

It is not possible to propagate the Spider plant from the leaf. But you can propagate it by separating the plants and roots and transplanting them into two different pots. These plants propagate only through Spiderettes, which grow when the plant has reached a certain level of maturity. These Spiderettes grow roots, which then help in propagation. As leaves do not grow roots, it is practically impossible to propagate the Spider plant through them.

While preparing to propagate Spider plant, where to cut?

Although you can propagate these plants any time of the year, summer and spring are ideally the best. During these seasons, as there is an increase in daylight, these plants begin to produce white flowers. These flowers produce runners or stolons, which in turn produce baby plants or Spiderettes. Cut the baby plants, put them in a pot having moist soil and allow them to grow new roots. Place the entire pot in a well-ventilated plastic bag and keep it in a bright location. The bag can be removed once it is well-rooted and begins to show signs of growth.

If a baby plant is yet to grow starter roots, then it is best to wait until it grows before you cut them for propagation. Always cut the Spiderette right at the base of the mother plant. You can cut it with gardening tools like a sharp knife, blade, or scissors. But precision clippers will give you a clean, professional cut.