Zamioculcas zamiifolia, more commonly known as the ZZ plant, is a short plant with wide, attractive, green leaves and is a popular choice for home and office. A native to South Africa, the ZZ plant has smooth, waxy leaves, and requires very little light and water to thrive. Here is all you need to know about how to propagate ZZ plant.

How to propagate a ZZ plant in water?

  1. Although there are different ways to propagate a ZZ plant, the simplest way is through the water. You just need to take a leaf or a stem cutting and place it in a glass of water. Keep this in a warm place where there is indirect bright light and let it be there until the leaf or stem cutting begins to grow roots. The water should just be covering the cut ends and needs to be changed once or twice a week.
propagate zz plant in water
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2. Zamioculcas zamiifolia looks quite pretty when suspended in water and can be a great décor while you wait for it to grow roots. Though roots begin to grow within the first two weeks, you may have to wait for a couple of months before you consider repotting the plant. This is because the roots need to grow stronger before they are transferred to a pot.

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Can I propagate ZZ plant in soil?

Yes. It is the easiest method of propagating the ZZ plant as you just need to cut a healthy leaf or stem cutting from the main plant and place it in the soil. There is no need to re-pot this after roots or rhizomes are formed. While following this method of propagation using a leaf, you need to be careful that the leaf is placed firmly in moist soil while the maximum part of the leaf is above the soil. If you are using a stem for propagation, cut a healthy stalk, place it in soil, and water it regularly to get a new plant.

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Is it possible to propagate ZZ plant leaf in water?

Absolutely! Just take out a healthy leaf from the main plant and keep it in a glass container. Fill it with water just until the bottom of the leaf is submerged. Keep this container in a humid place with low light and change the water once or twice a week or when it gets murky. You can also use alternate water sources for your ZZ Plant.

The next step is to wait patiently as you don’t see anything happening for weeks. And then, the leaf begins to grow bulbs called rhizomes that store water. These grow roots that need to grow 1” – 2” before you can transfer the plant to a pot with moist soil. This method is fun as you get to watch the progress regularly. If you are a plant parent who loves to document a plant’s growth, you would absolutely enjoy recording this. 

Is rooting a ZZ plant in water possible?

Rooting a ZZ plant in water is an easy way of propagation. It is a cool experiment to do with kids, as you get to watch the formation of rhizomes and roots. It is an easy but slow process and hence requires quite a lot of patience. You just take a healthy stalk from the bottom of the plant or a leaf and place it in a glass of water. Slowly you’ll be able to see rhizomes forming at the bottom of the cuttings which then grow roots. Once these roots grow a couple of inches, you can transfer them into a pot.

zz plant root bulbs
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How to propagate ZZ plant rhizomes?

Another way to propagate the ZZ plant is by rhizome division. Avoid watering the plant for a couple of weeks. Carefully take out the entire plant and choose a tuber that has healthy roots and stems growing on it. You can gently pull or use a clean knife or blade to detach the tuber from the rest of the clump. Split it gently by slowly separating the roots so that the mother plant doesn’t damage. The tuber needs to rest for an hour or two for the wound to heal and form a callous before you plant it in another pot. Check for black or unhealthy roots and get rid of them before repotting. Rhizome division cannot take place regularly as it causes damage to the mother plant. 

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Can you propagate a ZZ plant from leaves?

Yes, you can easily propagate a ZZ plant from leaves. Just cutting a healthy leaf from the main plant and placing it in soil or water will let you grow an entirely new plant. If you are propagating it through water, place the leaf in a glass container with water just covering the bottom of the leaf. Let it be in a well-lit area until it grows rhizomes and 1” – 2” roots before you transfer it to a pot with moist soil. If you are propagating it through the soil, you just need to secure the leaf in the soil and ensure it isn’t unnecessary distribution. 

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How long does it take to propagate a ZZ plant?

The time taken for the propagation of ZZ plants depends on the method followed. The rooting in water can take 3-4 months. The stem cuttings are the fastest way to propagate the ZZ plant. If they grow in soil under ideal conditions then the time taken for rhizomes to grow is around 4 weeks. But when grown indoors it can also take up to 9 months. 

How to propagate a ZZ plant bulb?

Rhizomes are the bulbs found at the base of the ZZ plant just above the roots. Use a clean knife, and slice the tuber having enough roots and stems. Allow it to form callous and heal for a couple of hours before you transfer it to a new pot. Voila! You have your brand-new plant ready!