The spicy and fragrant ginger is a great addition to any cuisine. People in Indian homes popularly combine it with their tea for a fresh flavor. This plant is even easy to grow. Here’s how you can use a store-bought root in your own supply and grow ginger in a pot at home.

Steps To Grow Ginger From Store Bought Root In A Pot At Home

Ginger roots have a number of health benefits. It’s an anti-inflammatory food and boosts the immune system. It’s a common household remedy to use ginger for cold, cough, and stomach aches. So, if you love this plant, why not develop a personal relationship with it by growing it at home?

Ginger is a tropical plant and is sensitive to frost, It thrives in warm climatic conditions. The best season to grow ginger is in spring. 

  1. Ginger Rhizomes are the tubular part of the plant from where new shoots emerge. Remember that you need to look at the rhizomes when selecting the perfect specimen. They shouldn’t be dry or soggy but have growing points. These points are the little nubs on the ginger that show that they are ready to grow. 

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2. The soil used for planting should be nutrient-rich and have the ability to hold moisture but not become waterlogged. The soil shouldn’t be of poor quality or high in clay. Add a slow-release fertilizer to it so the plant has sufficient food. 

3. Cut the ginger rhizome into 1 to 2-inch pieces. Let the pieces dry for 24-48 hours before planting them. This will allow them to form a protective layer that protects them from infection.

4. Plant the pieces of ginger in a pot that is 15 inches wide with the eye pointing upwards. Press it 2 to 5 inches deep into the soil. Cover lightly with loose soil. Keep each piece at least 8 inches apart. 

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How to Care for Ginger Plant

Ginger plants grow up to 4 feet tall and the roots will be visible above ground. Here are the care requirements to grow ginger-

  1. The soil should be moist and not waterlogged. Water the plant lightly once a week. Don’t allow the soil to dry when the plant is actively growing.
  2. The plant requires 2-3 hours of direct morning sunlight with partial shade during the rest of the day. The spot you keep it in shouldn’t be too windy or moist.
  3. Ginger plants grow slowly. It will take around 2-4 weeks for ginger roots to start sprouting. Continue watering the plant at regular intervals once it sprouts. 
  4. Mulching is essential as it conserves soil moisture and increases organic matter. It will keep the soil warm and supply the necessary nutrients to the roots.

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How To Harvest Ginger Plant?

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Ginger takes approximately 10 months to harvest. If you want to harvest smaller pieces, you can do so within 3-4 months. Dig up the ginger root and cut off a piece with a sanitized knife. The longer you allow it to develop under the ground, the stronger its flavour will be. You can select the best specimens of your ginger and replant them for the next season.