Banana trees not only bear the banana fruit but also have large and soft leaves which serve as food in many regions in India. Considered an ornamental plant, it is fast-growing and occupies a soft corner for people with a black thumb (inability to become a successful gardener). Unlike growing the lemon tree, it can be grown in a ceramic, wooden, or even a plastic pot, with a capacity of at least 55 litres. Here is an article on how to plant a Banana tree in a pot easily at home.

How To Grow A Banana Tree From Seeds?

  1. To plant a banana tree from seeds, one needs to soak them in water for around 48 hours to break the seed dormancy. This will soften the seed and help in quick embryo sprouting.
2. Now, sow the seeds 1/4th inch deep in the soil and cover them with a layer of compost.
banana sapling- how to grow a banana tree
Image Source: Canva

Where Does Banana Tree Grow?

Banana tree grows in tropical regions, and hot and humid climates with a high amount of rainfall. It grows in countries like India, Africa, South America, Central America and China etc.

How To Prepare The Soil To Plant A Banana Tree?

One needs to first prepare the soil by mixing equal quantities of peat, perlite, and vermiculite before you plant a banana tree. This plant thrives well in slightly acidic soil with a pH from 5.5 to 6.5. The soil should have a good drainage system.

How To Water Banana And Take Care Of Sunlight Needs For Banana Plant?

Banana plant care is necessary. Let’s look at some tips to take care of the banana plant:
  1. Spray a good amount of water since it requires damp conditions for its growth.
2. Maintain a good balance of heat, sunlight, and humidity (50%) for a healthy banana tree. You may also mist it regularly to increase humidity levels during summers. 3. Water it twice a day in summers, and once a day in winters. 4. A banana tree will grow best between 20° C – 30° C. If it gets too cold, the tree might succumb. 5. Once the seeds start germinating, repot in a large container, ensuring no damage to the juvenile roots. You may again add a layer of compost for its nutrition. 6. After you plant the banana tree, do take care of it like your own child. When the plant is young, fertilize it using a nitrogen-rich fertilizer every 7 to 10 days. Once it matures, fertilize the banana tree regularly. Also, use organic pesticides to ward off insects and pests.

When To Harvest The Banana Fruit?

It might take 10 to 12 months for the plant to mature and bear the ‘fruit of patience. Let the banana ripen and change its colour from green to yellow. Once ripe, pluck it and savour Banana Shake with your family. Go wild!