Zucchini Seeds (Squash)

90.00 85.00


  • Potting Mixture Ratio

    The ideal soil ratio is approximately 40% silt, 40% sand and 20% clay.

  • Germination Method

    Sow the seeds directly in a well-ventilated area, keeping the soil moist.

  • Watering and Sunlight

     Add about 1 inch of water, depending on soil moisture and plant your seeds directly into the garden soil that gets full sun.

  • Season and Germination Rate

    Season it grows best: Summer

    Germination rate Percentage: 85%


Zucchini Seeds are used to produce Zucchini, the popular ingredient in many modern cuisines, and are also known as the Squash. They are colorful, nutrient dense, has high water percentage, low in calories, carbs and sugars and for the same reason are popular among low-carb dieters. These are usually sown in summer in well-drained and nutrient dense soil and take almost 70 days to harvest.

90.00 85.00