Outdoor garden space is the last thing you would want to neglect. With a little effort, you can turn it into the envy of the block. So, get creative by trying out some of the ideas from the list, and you’ll turn your garden into a unique little sanctuary you can call your own. 

1. Vertical Gardening

If you have a small space, you can make the most of it by trying vertical shelving. Line the steps of a ladder with potted plants and garden accessories. This will add more personality and dimension to your garden. You can even add rope, metal, and glossy blue glass to make it more appealing to the eyes. 

Garden Space- Vertical gardening
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2. Fence up

A cleverly painted fence can add depth to your space. You can use two block colors to paint your fence, which will make it pop against your plants. It’s better to use a dark color as it makes a more profound effect and goes well with the green foliage. 

You can also add climbing plants and trellises to trail up the fence. A beautiful fence is especially good if you have a small space as it will take attention away from the plot size. Slender plant vines against a hefty fence will create quite a contrast and serve as an accent piece. Light-colored flowers against a dark fence are sure to catch one’s eye and make for a timeless look.

Garden Space- Fence
Image Source: Canva

3. Hanging Lanterns

If you have roof space, you can hang exquisite lanterns to make a wonderful addition to the overall look of the place. You can use ornately crafted hanging lanterns for this purpose which are stuffed with candles to make them glow at night. 

Mason jar lanterns are also an excellent alternative you can go for. They create quite the quaint, romantic, and rustic environment to spend an evening with friends or a loved one. 

Garden Space- Lanterns
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4. Add a sculpture

Adding a sculpture can create focus and interest in your garden. You can place a concrete garden gnome at your outdoor space either next to the garden path or in between plants. You can also go for rusty metal sculptures of birds that require no upkeep.

Garden Space- Sculpture
Image Source: Canva

5. Green wall

Green walls are an excellent way to not only hide unpleasant-looking boundaries but even to add a lush habitat in an otherwise cramped-up plot. Turn the brick wall into a green one by using climbing plants like Virginia creeper. 

You can make the wall interesting and fashionable by adding wall-hung planters while keeping the floor open for patio slabs and seating. Contrast the towering wall with large pots that have tiny fruit trees. Old loaf tins may be utilized as planters. A flat sculpture or any hanging element can be drilled into the wall to give it personality. You can keep the walls in a neutral tone to make the garden have a brighter look. 

Garden Space- Green wall
Image Source: Canva

6. Water fountain

Adding a garden fountain to your outdoor space is relaxing to the senses with the calming sound of trickling water. It is also a great source of water for butterflies and honeybees. You can transform an ordinary space into a magical haven with this addition of a fountain. 

You can even light and seat to turn it into a tranquil escape once dusk falls. Choose a fountain that vibes with your energy. You can go for a bubbling fountain, tiered fountain, wall fountain, or a disappearing fountain depending on your preference.

Garden Space- Fountain
Image Source: Canva

7. The furniture

Without furniture in your outdoor garden, you won’t be making the most of it. There should be enough space for everyone to be able to sit comfortably. If you have a smaller outdoor space, you could go for folding furniture, L-shaped sofas, or seating that can go beneath a dining table if not in use. If you have a larger outdoor space, you can opt for a seating set with matching chairs, sun loungers, and swing sets. You can also throw in outdoor cushions for comfort. 

You can never go wrong with bright bistro sets. Just make sure that the furniture you keep can endure the outdoor environmental conditions. 

Elevate your furniture above the floor so there appears to be more floor space. You can opt for a hanging bamboo chair or hammock. Add a backyard umbrella to protect you from when the sun is harsh.

Garden Space- Furniture
Image Source: Canva

8. A fire pit

Adding a fireplace to your garden can create a chic and funky look in your garden. It will make for a center point and allow you to enjoy the warmth from its source even after the sun goes down. You could go for a built-in fireplace or a freestanding one. The mesmerizing flames will surely get your guests talking. 

Garden Space- Fire pit
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9. Lighting 

The right kind of lighting can create the perfect atmosphere in your garden. You can go for layered lighting by choosing a different variety of sources like fairy lights, festoon lights, and ground lighting. 

String lights are a great way to add a magical and inviting effect to anything to tie them around. You can wrap them around your garden trees. Christmas lights are even better. It will not only add character to your space but totally transform it. Another option is to hang string lights above the dining area to create the perfect dining setting.  

You can also hang solar-powered bulbs on a fence to add more magic to the garden. Free-standing lamps along a garden path also is another way to dazzle up your backyard. 

Garden Space- Lights
Image Source: Canva

10. Organize your plants

You can create interest by adding plants of varying heights in every area. Go for climbers, evergreen shrubs, and sculptural grasses. Place large shrubs so the view is partially obstructed, creating the illusion that there is more to see beyond. Succulents are becoming pretty popular today. To display them, you can place them side by side in antique soup ladles. It will add another layer to the garden and also save up space, Dining areas can be defined by narrow and low planted beds. You can even go for climbers like clematis if you don’t have room for beds. Scented flowers can be positioned behind a seating area so you can enjoy their fragrance. Also, keep in mind to use pots which can also serve as decorative pieces. Brightly colored pots with a pattern are ideal to make a bold statement. You can also recycle trash cans, buckets, and metal boxes to make them act as pots, giving a farmhouse vibe. 

Garden Space- Plants Organization
Image Source: Canva

Decorating your garden doesn’t have to be all serious, so be sure to have fun with planning it and mostly get creative!