Have you been to a garden and had a jaw-dropping moment seeing the spectacular vines? Well, thanks to the trellis and pergola system for existing and giving climbers and creepers a backbone. Let us walk you through some magnificent trellis Ideas which can become an ornament for your gardens and walls.

1. Japanese-Style Bamboo Trellis or Pergola

This complex pergola wraps the entire pathway and creates a beautiful tunnel to walk through. If it gets covered with thick vines then it would be no less than a spectacle.

This trellis is suitable for a Japanese or a typical Asian-type garden.

Trellis Ideas- Japanese-Style Bamboo Trellis or Pergola
Image Source: Canva

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2. Trellis Ideas- French Tuteur / Obelisk Trellis

This trellis is a crossover between the two-sided trellis and a TeePee pole trellis. This compact structure can be easy ‘DIY’d’ and is ideal for small to medium-sized gardens since it allows good vertical growth for vines.

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3. Tent veggie support

This trellis structure is quite similar to that of a ‘TeePee’- just in a more organized manner. Here, two poles are dug into the ground and arranged in a way that their tops lean towards each other and form an ‘X’. Onto this ‘X’, a horizontal pole is present to support. This trellis forms a tent-like structure and allows more support for vertical plant growth. 

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4. Two side garden

This trellis is simple yet aesthetic. Ideal for raised beds, it can add beauty to gardens. This tent-shaped trellis is perfect for any kind of creeper and is generally for veggie gardens.

Trellis Ideas- Two side garden

Image Source: Canva

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5. Mesh Trellis

A mesh trellis is a wannabe pergola if one has budget constraints and desires a spectacle for their garden. Ideal for dense creepers, meshes look spectacular in medium to large-sized gardens.

Trellis Ideas- Mesh Trellis
Image Source: Canva

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6. Repurposed Curtain Rod Wall

If you are fond of ‘best out of waste’ ideas, then you should try this trellis. Curtain rods that have gone old, have rusted, or are available at an antique shop, can be converted into a trellis by fixing them to an outer wall. This structure will elegantly support espalier vines and other climbers.

7. Rustic “Spider Web” Wall

This trellis resembles a spider web and adds an element of beauty to your garden. This structure does not span over the entire wall and hence requires minimal resources to be built. This trellis is ideal if you wish to curtail the growth of your creepers or are growing less dense vines. This is also perfect for seasonal vines and when you do not wish to cover your entire wall for the whole year.

Trellis Ideas- Rustic “Spider Web” Wall
Image Source: Canva

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8. Wagon wheel

This Instagram-worthy trellis can be constructed using a rusty antique repurposed wagon wheel. The creepers can be wound on their spikes and they can have a position in the middle of a growing surface.

9. Repurposed garden tools

Gardening tools like shovels, forks, rakes, spades, etc., when old and rusty, can be reused to make a trellis out of it. It is simple- dig the handles of these tools into the ground. Position them in a way where the bottoms of the tools are close to each other, and their heads are protruding outwards. Tie them with ropes so they are connected, and climbers can be rested vertically.

10. Circular stand alone

This type of structure doesn’t depend on any wall or a larger surface to be rested upon. As the name suggests, it is a stand-alone metallic formation that can be positioned even in the middle of a garden. The metallic mesh can be used to support any type of climber and the base can be utilized to grow or place flowering plants- adding to the aesthetics.

11. Bamboo grid

This is an easy-to-make trellis and requires making a grid out of bamboo. Knots, instead of drilling or hammering can be used to position these bamboos in place. This budget-friendly trellis is ideal for supporting hanging pots and other such structures.

Trellis Ideas- Bamboo Grid
Image Source: Canva

12. Classic wooden lattice trellis around windows

This trellis is a simple grid made out of wooden sticks. Once the climbers cover the entire trellis, these structures appear to be ornamental to the windows and walls.

Trellis Ideas- Classic wooden lattice trellis around windows
Image Source: Canva

13. Pole and wire

This is one of the simplest trellises out there. It just consists of poles (preferably wooden) erected vertically in parallel to each other and metallic wires wound around them stretched across. This trellis is not an aesthetic beauty, but it does its job well. Traditionally, Poles and wires have been to support grapevines. When considering a DIY, this trellis idea should be a green flag.

Trellis Ideas- Pole and wire
Image Source: Canva

14. Trellis Fence 2-in-1

Who needs a gate for a garden when a trellis can do the job?

This trellis structure is constructed just like a fence and can provide both functionality and beauty to your yard!

This trellis is ideal for growing roses and blackberries.

Just do not let your vines completely cover this fence else your trellis would be taken. Give your vines regular trims.

15. Artistic Welded Metal Trellis

If you are an art lover, then this trellis is for you!

Artistically welded over a wooden fence, it can hold any type of climber or even independently add aesthetics to your fence and garden. You may get these custom-welded or even buy them from the antique shops.

Imagine your climbers wrapped around rusty metallic palm trees. 

Artistic Welded Metal Trellis
Image Source: Canva

16. Non-Square Trellis

If the usual square trellis doesn’t excite you then this is an amazing option for you!

The non-square trellis is a bit different from the gold standards since it is a combination of various geometric shapes. This angled trellis is ideal for supporting all types of vines.

17. Arched ‘Gate’ Trellis/Arbor with Roses

This piece of beauty can welcome you in a garden, standing tall at the entrance. Excellent for the creeping rose variety, a white-coloured structure gracefully complements the gentle nature of the rose. This trellis can also be used as centerpiece at weddings.

If you are thinking of ‘DIY’ing it then this might cost a little more than the trellises mentioned earlier in the list.

Arched ‘Gate’ Trellis/Arbor with Roses
Image Source: Canva

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18. Birch Tree Wedding Trellis

You must have ‘Aww’d when the couple standing underneath a centrepiece beautifully decorated with vines and flowers said, ‘I do’! Well, this type of trellis does steal hearts. 

Made from birch trees and their branches, this trellis is often in use as a centrepiece at weddings. Although complex to make, a minimalistic structure can come out from basic material.

Birch Tree Wedding Trellis
Image Source: Canva

19. Simple Metal Trellis

If you visit gardens, you are likely to spot this type of trellis. Made from metal, this minimalistic curved design supports all types of climbers and is a good way to cover a pathway in a yard.

20. Large Trellis Fence

This trellis is big and is often in use as a fence surrounding a garden. It feels like a living wall when climbers grow all over it. If the creepers become dense then this might obstruct sunlight into the garden. Regular grooming of creepers is advisable.

21. Bamboo Garden Trellis / Simple Pergola

Ever felt cosy and serene walking down a pathway in a garden? Be thankful for the bamboo garden trellis which is there to define outdoor space and give shade. This structure is like the two-sided garden trellis and is also known as a pergola.

22. White Arched Wooden Trellis

This trellis is usually of heavy and thick rods made of metal or wood. They generally support heavy vines (e.g., rose).

This elegant design is a must-have in large gardens

23. Asymmetrical Wooden Trellis

If asymmetrical designs do not trigger you, then this trellis is for you!

This arbour can support any kind of climber and is ideal for minimalistic Asian-style gardens.

24. Trellis Ideas- TeePee pole bean

Made using just 3 poles and wires, this trellis also falls under the category of simple and inexpensive DIY trellises. They are like the ‘Pole and Wire’ yet a step ahead aesthetically. The making of the ‘TeePee’ takes place by erecting three long and thin poles into the ground and arranging them in a pyramidal shape. The tops of these poles are tied with ropes or wires which further wrap to these poles and are descended downwards hence creating a structure ideal for horizontal vines to latch onto them.

This trellis is ideal for garden peas and beans.

Trellis Ideas- TeePee Pole bean
Image Source: Canva

25. Antique Iron Trellis and Arbors (Rustic Trellis)

Legend says, if you are lucky enough, you would come across rusty antique iron trellises at an antique store or dump in a junkyard. These are perfect if your budget is low, and you wish to have vintage trellises to give a rusty look to your garden.

26. Honeycomb Trellis

As the name suggests, this trellis has a hexagon shape. You can construct it using either wood or metal and mount it on your wall or fence. Even if no climber hanging on to them, they add the X factor to your yard. 

Trellis Ideas- Honeycomb Trellis
Image Source: Canva

27. Clematis Trellis

These are made up of wooden strips hammered onto the wall or fence. They are easy to make and budget-friendly. Vines growing onto them would add zing to your garden.

28. Trellis With Planter Box

This is a 2-in-1 setup where the wooden trellis is planted into a planter. Vines can easily rest on the trellis and other flowering plants can be in the planter to compliment the beauty of the entire structure.

Trellis Ideas- trellis with Planter Box
Image Source: Canva

29. Copper Trellis

This structure consists of thin copper pipes which one can either tie together with a rope or glue together. The rusty appearance of copper looks magnificent when the vines drape around the pipes.

30. Criss Cross Wall Trellis

This trellis is perfect if you wish to highlight artwork or fountain- construct the frame in a way leaving the centre for your piece.

It is suitable for indoors and outdoors.

Trellis Ideas- Criss Cross Wall Trellis
Image Source: Canva

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31. Cattle Panel Trellis

This trellis has a clever design and hence is a space-saver. This is ideal for cucumbers, peas, and beans.

32. Pea Trellis

This is one of the simplest trellises to construct. Dig two bamboo poles into the ground 4 to 5 ft. apart. Make a square frame by tying two more bamboo poles horizontally. Take a spool of garden twines and wind the twines vertically onto the poles. Kids love this design and can easily help in constructing it along with you.

33. Pallet Cucumber Trellis

This trellis can be easily constructed by repurposing a wood pallet and garden wines. No need for hammering or glueing. This pallet design is excellent for cucumbers since when grown vertically, cucumbers are easier to spot and harvest.

34. Trellis Ladder

This trellis is excellent for any type of garden, even indoors. Just construct a ladder using thin wooden logs and drape your climbers onto it. It’s easy on the pocket and visually appealing.

Trellis Ideas- Trellis ladder
Image Source: Canva

A trellis can be big or small, ‘DIY’d’ or bought ready-made, made of wood, metal, or scrap; is an ornament for your backyard, wall, or garden. They make your green spaces stand out and are an accessory that is a cherry and icing on the cake. Finding the correct trellis for your green space is like finding a ‘Yin to your Yang’. Hope you find the perfect match from the above list. Do not forget to send us pictures of your beautiful trellis.