One of the best things you can do to your home is to surround yourself with mother nature. Since you can’t always stay out, it’s better to bring the greenery in by adopting house plants. Having the right planter to go with your plant can add to the pizazz even more. Creating your own pots is a nice way to personalize your interiors and add color to them. Not only are they more sustainable for the environment, but you also won’t have to splurge on your cash. We bring you a list of the 10 Best DIY Garden Flower Pot Ideas You Will Love Having that you can use for your benefit.

1. Teapot Garden Flower Pot Ideas

Aren’t teapots so cute to look at? Well, they make for even cuter planters. Using an old or vintage teapot brings imagination and color to your space. You can use it as a watering can or a pot for your plants. You can even add teacups to your setting. They can make an appealing center of attraction in your home. If you have small plants, you can plant them in teacups and add colorful gravel to them. They will make for quite a sight on your otherwise dull window sills. 

2. Pretty Lace Garden Pots

If you want to go for a bohemian look, fancy this idea. You can adorn your terracotta pots with lace using a few items lying at your home. All you need is lace, glue, scissors, a plant, and a terracotta pot.  Brush glue all over and adhere lace over it. Seal it with an extra layer of glue and voila! You have a pretty pot that will stand out. The lace will definitely create some delicate and intricate patterns. 

3. Plastic Bottle Pots Garden Flower Pot

Don’t throw those plastic bottles out yet. You can use them as beautiful planters instead. They are a lightweight and eco-friendly alternative to traditional pots. There are many ways you can use a plastic bottle as a planter. One is to cut it into halves and make holes at the bottom. Just fill the halves with soil and you’ll have two planters ready. You can even use the top half of the bottle and put a coaster underneath it for a unique look. Set them against your window if you have less space in your home.

Hand paint the bottles to make them look unique. Use patterns and bright colors to make your planters stand out. Hang them up or carve into them, be creative! Wine bottles do the trick too for a more elegant look. 

4. Rope Planter Garden Pot

You just need a rope, glue, and a tin can or a terracotta pot and you’ll have your own rope planter. Start wrapping the rope from the base of the can and continue going around it. The thicker the rope, the easier it will be to wrap it around the planter. If you wish, you can add a touch of paint to the base of the rope-wrapped pot. It will create a beautiful pattern and give an earthen, raw, and rustic look to your place. 

5. Whitewashed Planter Garden Pot

Instead of purchasing those pricey terra cotta planters with modern designs, consider this simple DIY idea. Whitewashed planters give you that French provincial aesthetic you’ve been hoping for. All you need is some white acrylic paint, a paintbrush, and a terracotta pot and you’re set. This chic pattern will add that French touch, keeping it simple and satisfying.

6. Basket Planters Garden Flower pots

This method of turning a basket into a planter is rather easy. It’s efficient and looks gorgeous! Just take some rope and a knife. You will need to poke three holes below the first few weaves. Insert the rope through and tie it up. You can braid the strings if you want to make it more interesting or leave it as it is. You can add a grower pot too to keep the plant from growing into the basket. If not, make sure to use a liner and add rocks to the bottom, and plant as you would normally. 

A colorful basket will add to the glam of the whole look. Skip the basket altogether for a colander for greater durability and uniqueness. A colander will also let the plants breathe more. 

7. Chalkboard Planters

These planters are super fun to make and very useful too. When you are planting herbs especially, it is important to remember which one is which to avoid any sort of confusion. Labelling them can come in handy in such situations. You can use food cans or regular clay pots for this purpose. Paint the exterior with pastel colors and then add a chalkboard label on it. This will mention the name of the herb growing in it. In the end, you’ll have a  super neat planter that is attractive to look at. 

8. Stenciled Planter

You can make your own modern planter with just a stencil, craft paint, and an old pot. All you need to do is to select a pattern you like and create a stencil. After that, just press it against the pot and paint. A simple yet genius idea. They are impactful and lovely to look at. 

9. Terra Cotta Candle Planter– Garden Flower Pot Ideas

This exquisite planter will beautify any space you add it to. The candle at the center of it will create the perfect ambiance for your outdoors. You need two pots for this project – One of them needs to be smaller than the other. Fill the small pot with gravel and rocks. Next, place the small pot in the larger pot which has the plant. Now all you have to do is fix the candle in the small pot. This planter will surely be the center of attention in your backyard. 

10. Fabric Planter

For this DIY, you need to wrap a canvas or faux leather around an old pot to give it a whole new look. These planters look organic and we love the feel of them. The fabric is reversible and washable and you won’t have to worry about the paint flaking. 

There you have it! With so many creative ideas, you don’t have to worry about boring old planters ruining the look of your place. And you won’t have to worry about it being heavy on your pocket either. These planters also make for awesome gifts. So which idea are you going to try out?