As they say, the lives that have gone leave footprints behind either in the form of their deeds, thoughts or beliefs. We as sympathetic beings have a moral duty to keep their memories alive and express our gratitude to the dead. Flowers can be the most delicate way to do so as it conveys beautifully the love, the care, the grief we hold for them. Therefore while choosing from the catalogue of flowers extra care is needed.

1. Lily

Lily being delicate, virgin and pure is well representative of genuine emotions for the departed. Culturally, Western funeral ceremonies never miss a bouquet of lilies. The strong aroma of lily conveys peace, serenity, tranquillity, giving the whole atmosphere a sense of inherent relief. 

Lily comes in numerous colours and varieties. Stargazer lilies characterise comfort and solace, especially for the close and loved ones of the departed. Oriental lilies are a symbol of eternity and glory even after death. Further White lilies, pure like snow, are especially the most occasioned in funeral ceremonies.

2. Gladioli

Gladioli is a perfect mix of flowers in a hybrid colour combination, with a tall stem signifying resilience, solidarity and coherence. Gladioli offers a perfect human touch to the family of the departed soul enveloping feelings of humanity and sincerity.

3. Chrysanthemums

Also known as mums, chrysanthemums carry an array of cultural meanings depending upon the colour it holds. While in South East Asian countries of South Korea, Japan and China mums are indicative of lamentation and grief for the lost soul. In American culture, chrysanthemums denote truth evoking a cheerful ambience. However, Europe is the popular destination for mums on funeral occasions, graveyard sites. 

4. Hydrangea Plant

Packed with emotions of empathy and closeness, hydrangeas offer essential solace to the soul. A seasonal, hardy plant it continues to blossom for years after planting and hence holds hope of renewal. This way hydrangea holds promise to regenerate, renovate and repair old wounds to the family at loss in a funeral.

5. Orchid Plant

Orchids are a representation of eternal undying love for the lost soul. Coming in a variety of colours they behold elegance, class and  are an exotic treat to the eyes. Pink and white Orchids typically display emotions of rebirth and chastity. However, care must be taken while choosing the appropriate orchids for the funeral arrangement. 

6. Hyacinth

A combination of assorted hyacinths conveys that you hold the dead in prayers or deep anguish. Proper care should be taken while choosing Hyacinth to avoid insult and convey genuine grief as it symbolises sports, games and rashness. Purple hyacinth in particular stands for sorrow and grief. 

7. Roses

Roses with their deep dark shade carry magnificence, an unusual elegance and grace for the funeral occasion. Roses in different colours give a concrete touch to the emotions of reverence and deep intimacy for the lost ones. For example, the best way to portray respect to our deceased mentors can be to offer a bunch of roses either in the form of a wreath or a casket spray. Roses in yellow shade convey loyalty, friendship and fraternity with the family of the deceased.

8. Carnations

In Christian and catholic cultures, pink Carnations are believed to have blessings of the Virgin Mary. So, they are widely chosen for occasions of funerals. With a long-lasting fragrance, they hold emotions of sympathy, admiration for the departed soul.


Death is an inevitable truth of life. All we can do to lessen the pain of the grieving family is to give a physical manifestation to our inner sentiments. A bunch of beautiful, dazzling and delicate flowers are the perfect human touch.