Gardening is a hobby, but more so a lifestyle that anyone at any age can start. It is therapeutic for the mind and you remain connected to Mother Nature. But, maintaining a garden can be a bit challenging if you’re just starting off. Some tricks of the trade can make it less daunting though. Here are a few hacks that you can use no matter whether you’re a gardening pro or a beginner-

1. Use Eggshells, Citrus peels, and Egg Cartons as Seed Starters

Make sure to clean and dry out the medium before you start. Place some potting soil in it and sprinkle the seeds. Cover with a thin layer of soil and place it in a sunny location. Spray water when needed and you will soon start to see the seeds germinate. Transplant it into a pot as usual. If you’re using eggshells or citrus peels, you can plant them along with the medium and it will only add nutrition to the soil. 

2. Cinnamon Powder as Pest Control 

Those pests that affect your plants are tormenting. They harm your plants and make them weak. But there’s a natural solution for this. Cinnamon powder has some amazing anti-fungal properties. It deters pests and keeps diseases at bay. It has no side effects on the plants and helps in strengthening their roots.

3. Use Honey to Promote Root Growth

You must know honey has many health benefits. But did you know it is also excellent as a rooting hormone? It has antifungal and antiseptic properties which protect cuttings against pathogens. Honey also has enzymes that give the plant cuttings the boost to set roots and propagate. Just dip the cuttings into honey before planting them. 

4. Use Vinegar for Killing Weeds

When unwanted plants show up, you have no choice but to fight them. But before resorting to chemicals, consider this organic solution. Found over any kitchen countertop, vinegar is an effective weed killer. Simply mix 120ml of lemon juice with one litre of vinegar and spray it on the plants. Spray in hotter hours during the day and avoid windy or rainy days. 

5. Add Coffee Grounds to Your Soil

Coffee grounds can be highly beneficial for your garden. They add to the nitrogen content in the soil. They also help the soil retain water and in drainage and aeration. 

That’s not all, coffee grounds also deter critters away from your plants. They do this while attracting earthworms at the same time. This is an excellent gardening hack right at your fingertips and it’s free!

6. Place a Coffee Filter at the Bottom of the Planters

Adding a coffee filter before you add soil to a pot can be really helpful. Why? It will save you a mess. When you water your plants, clumps of soil often slide down the drainage holes. Placing a coffee filter will prevent mud from going down the drainage holes and clogging them. You can prevent root rot this way. Additionally, it will retain moisture so you don’t have to water the plants as frequently. Transplanting the plant will also be cleaner. A simple coffee filter can save you from so much of a headache. 

7. Use Cooking Water to Fertilise Your Plants

The cooking water that is saved from steaming or boiling vegetables is not necessarily a waste. You can use it as a natural fertilizer for your plants. It will enhance nutrient storage in the soil. The growth period will be steadier and stable too.

8. Use Epsom Salt When Transplanting

Did you know that when you transplant your plants it can cause a shock in them? This eventually causes them to wilt and wither. This is avoidable by utilizing Epsom salt. Just mix it with water and apply it to the roots and let it saturate. Or dig a hole in the middle of the soil and place some Epsom salt at the bottom. Cover it with a small amount of dirt and place the plant in the hole. 

Try these simple hacks and let us know which one of these you liked the best!